Thursday, 5 May 2011

Review - Lee Stafford Argan Oil

There seems to be a boom in products which contain Argan Oil at the moment but what is Argan Oil? Well it comes from Morocco and is extracted from the Argan Tree. It is used in lots of cosmetic and beauty products including hair care, skin care and nail care. 

A while ago my hair was really dry as it's getting to the point where it needs cutting badly but I can't decide what to have done so I found this little bottle of Argan Oil from Lee Stafford.

This 50ml bottle contains a Pro-Argan complex which helps to create soft, shiny hair which helps to improve it's condition without any product build up. It can be applied to wet or dry hair and only a few drops are needed.

I've been using this everytime I wash my hair, which is every other day, and from the first use I noticed an improvement. My hair is soft, smooth, manageable and most importantly it is in great condition. Yes I still have split ends but they aren't anywhere near as dry as they were. I will continue to use this until it's all gone & then without a doubt I'll re-purchase.

Has anyone else used any Argan Oil products? Is there anything you would recommend?

Oh and this is £11.99 and available from Boots.


Jess said...

I've never used Argan Oil products, and I've only used one Lee Stafford product before. It does sound like something I would use so thank you for the review. :)


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