Friday, 6 May 2011

Review - Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel

I don't get many spots, just the odd one on my chin, nose or on my hairline but when I do get them they're stubborn little things! They also take ages to go so I like to have a product in the house specifically to reduce the look of them and to help speed up their disappearance. 

I'm abit dubious as to how well products designed to do this work. Normally I use tea tree oil or cream but it doesn't have the most appealing smell so when I found this little product from Dermatologist, Dr Nick Lowe, I decided to give it a whirl.

Anti- Blemish Spot Gel is a clear gel with a light formulation which can be applied to the skin up to 4 times a day to help keep blemishes under control. It is anti-bacterial so it also helps to fight the underlying cause of your spot/s.

It contains tea tree, willow bark, thyme (all anti bacterial), salicylic acid (specifically for blemish prone skin), vitamins A, C and E, and arnica (to soothe and reduce inflammation).

Recently my skin is super confused as I have my usual eczema patch on my face but a million spots. Normally this wouldn't really bother me but as I'm a bridesmaid soon I really want to get my skin sorted ASAP so when a huge spot sprung out of my cheek I headed straight for my Dr Nick Lowe Spot Gel and slapped it on. It is scent free which is great especially if you're putting it on throughout the day, it doesn't show up on the skin as it is clear and it doesn't leave a coating like some products do.

I first tried this at night and when I woke the next morning my spot was definitely looking less red and angry but it didn't make it completely disappear, I think my spot needed something industrial strength! On smaller ones it did help and they did practically go.

As you only need a tiny amount the 15ml tube would last a long time. It is priced at £9.18 and is available online from Dr Nick Lowe. I did buy mine from Boots but it isn't on their website anymore but a lot of his other products still are and available in store. It was also a winner of a 2010 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award. Must be good stuff then!

I would purchase this again and when used in conjunction with other products in the Anti-Blemish range I would imagine it would really help someones skin who had real problems with blemishes. My friend was using the whole range on her skin as she suffers from blemishes really badly and she loved it.

Has anyone tried this or and other Dr Nick Lowe products? What would you recommend?


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