Sunday, 29 May 2011

The week that was....

This week, what a week! I finally got a date to start my job....13th June is the day! Eek I'm excited but so so nervous!

I've been trying to get my house sorted and things sorted out for when I start work full time as one week I'll be working 37.5 hours and the other I'll be working 45 hours as I'm staying on working every other saturday at my current job. It turns out I have a lot of stuff to get done in a short space of time!

I'm also drafting lots of blog posts that I want to do so that my blogging hopefully won't take that much of a back burner. 

Work this week has been one big fat pain the bum. Well one person has made it like that. Makes me glad I'm kind of leaving!

I've also had to write lots of complaints about things ranging from my local supermarket having basically no food, a well known beauty store being disgustingly dirty and to a golf company who's £5 2-3 day delivery service turned into a 6 day delivery service, we got the money back for that!

Also I had a lovely response to a post I did as thank you to everyone who responded and for the lovely email I received, the sender knows who she is!

Finally I've had this for a while but kept forgetting to post it so back to the Royal Wedding we go, I thought it was funny:


Anonymous said...

Ooh congrats on your starting date very exciting!

My mom sent me those photos of the royal wedding too, very clever! x

Karla said...

@ Skin Scrubs - Thanks hun! The picture really is clever and so ironic! x

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