Monday, 18 June 2012

Rimmel Instant Tan Eraser

You know what happens, you pop into Superdrug for something and then a new shiny exciting product catches your eye and before you know it you're walking away from the till with it in a bag putting your purse away. Well that's exactly what happened to me the other week when I saw this product from Rimmel.

The Instant Tan Eraser 'easily removes instant tan make up from body, face and hands'.

I rarely use 'proper' fake tan, instead opting for instant tan whenever I feel like getting my legs out but it can be just as bad as normal tan at staining your hands. Orange palms aren't a good look.

I do have the St Tropez tan remover but at £10.29 for a bottle it's not something I like to use all the time so for a mere £6 for the Rimmel product it's much more purse friendly.

I quickly tried a tanning product on my legs and rubbed it in using my bare hands because I didn't have any gloves to hand and 'hello luminous orange hands'. Actually it was the perfect opportunity to try out my new fake tan and this tan eraser!

So I rubbed a small amount of the eraser into my hands and rubbed it in, rinsed it off and like magic I got normal coloured hands again!

I would imagine the longer the tan's on your skin the harder it would be to get rid of but your hands this is perfect. It might also rescue you if you end up with mega orange knees, elbows and ankles.

I got mine in Superdrug but this is also available from Boots.


kia said...

Oooh i need this in my life! x

Kelly said...

This looks like a handy product to have in - sometimes I can never find my mitt or gloves so worth having this in

Sara Hassan said...

Impressive! :)

Jess said...

Hi = ) I am such a chicken when it comes to things like that lol.... =) I just give me self Cancer instead with the real sun, altho I look like a corp walking. =) Hope you have a good day. =)

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