Monday, 4 June 2012

Dead Sea Spa Magik - hair and skincare

Last week I was kindly sent a box full of goodies to try from Dead Sea Spa Magik. I had heard of this brand before but hadn't tried anything from it so was really excited to give some things a go.

Dead Sea Spa Magik "blends mud, salt and mineral extracts from the depths of the Dead Sea to deeply hydrate, repair and soothe your body and mind." All Dead Sea Spa Magik products contain no parabens, are allergen-free fragranced, contain a Harmonised Water base and have an added Organic blend of Matricaria Flower Extract, Linden Blossom Flower Extract, lemon Balm Leaf Extract and Rooibos Leaf Extract. With all this goodness Dead Sea products have shown to be effective for those who suffer from sensitive skin so the whole family can enjoy! 

Delicate Boosting Face Mask - £7.70 for 75ml
I expected this to be like a mud face mask but the consistency was much lighter which I actually preferred. The instructions recommend it to be left for 10 - 15 minutes before washing off which I did in the shower. Unlike some face masks it didn't dry like concrete which made removal so much easier. It washed off easy and left my skin feeling lovely and soft. 

Rich Face Cream - £7.70 for 75ml
I wasn't expecting to like this. Any face cream with the word 'rich' in it is likely to be too thick for my combination skin and will just make it look greasy but oh how I was wrong. I used a small amount to try to avoid this but it absorbed into my skin quickly and left my face feeling lovely and soft. It also left my skin looking quite matte and shine free. Always a winner for me!

(Top (face mask), bottom (face cream))

Mineral Shampoo - £8.26 for 330ml 
This was the product I'd been wanting to try for such a long time. I suffer from quite bad eczema on my scalp and as Dead Sea claims to be good for sensitive skin I thought it might help to clear up my flaky scalp. Ok so I admit I have found something that has completely cleared my scalp up *touch wood* but I was still excited to try this out. I expected this to smell really salty but it didn't have a hint of salt at all. It foamed up really well in the shower and felt like it really cleaned my hair. And what's better is that it didn't aggravate my scalp so I'm still flake free :-)

Hair Magik Serum - £16.60 for 150ml 
At first I was a little confused as to why there was no conditioner sample but a huge sachet of hair serum. Then I read the instructions on the sachet and found that the serum can be used on dry hair or on wet hair after shamooing for an intensive treatment. This is what I did. I left it on my hair for a couple of minutes after shampooing and if you've decided that you love a product before you've finished using it it must be good right? I dried and styled my hair after as usual but without using any of my normal styling products and my hair was left super shiny, soft and manageable. In fact my hair was left feeling so nice I could have easily gone an extra day without washing it, it felt that clean.

(Top (shampoo), bottom (serum))

Salt Brushing Scrub - £13.30 for 500g
On the packet it says to use this on dry skin whilst stood in a bath or shower. I opened the sachet and there were salt crystals in it which were ever so slightly damp. So I took a small handful and rubbed on my thighs to exfoilate and thought I must be missing something here because I'm just rubbing salt on my body. But then on my second handful and a little more vigirous rubbing I started to get it! You get a really good exfoilation with the product being dry and being used on dry skin. I rinsed off in the shower after and my thighs feel so much smoother than they did before. I think this could possibly help remedy my dimple thighs! It is too coarse to use every day, I would use this at the most once a week but I can imagine it would be really good to use on peeling skin that's been sunburnt.

(Salt scrub)

Overal, with these five products that I've tried I am really impressed. I would without a doubt purchase the full sized hair serum and salt scrub products but would recommend them all. I have reviewed some more Dead Sea Spa Magik products and this post will be up tomorrow!

Products can be bought from Debenhams, Holland and Barratt and from Shop for Spa where there is a 3 for 2 offer currently running.


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I love Dead Sea Spa Magik - the Mild Exfoliator is awesome!

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