Sunday, 17 June 2012

Kleenex skincare - Wipes, cloths and shine absorbing sheets

A while ago I blogged about how much I loved Kleenex's eye make up removal wipes and the lovely people from their PR team sent me the rest of the range to try out which I was very excited about.

Face Wipes
I've tried a lot of face wipes, and I mean alot, I've found that they are either good or bad. As the eye make up remover wipes had impressed me I had high hopes for these and I wasn't disappointed. I rate face wipes using several factors: thickness, scent, wetness, price and removal. Kleenex face wipes are quite thick but not too thick like a cloth, they are moist enough so one wipe will remove an average days make up, they are lightly scented in a clean, fresh scent and at £2.99 for 24 wipes I can't complain at the value for money.

Face Cloths
I hadn't seen a product like these before and initial thoughts were that they seemed a little wasteful to just throw away but as they are a cross between cotton wool and a face wipe and as they are quite thick you can rinse and reuse so they are actually more economical. Before I was sent these I had read Annabellas review of them and she wasn't impressed so alas trusting a fellow bloggers opinion I decided to pass on trying them until they dropped through my letter box. I was a little unsure how to use them but I applied cleanser to my face and used one cloth to wipe away and I LOVE them! Every last trace of make up was removed and if you have a full face of heavy make up on these are perfect to use for removal as they are more heavy duty than wipes. Oh another use I found for these was when I was suffering from a bad migraine a few weeks ago and needed to cool down I used one of these as a cold compress on my forehead and even after numerous times under the tap to wet it again it was still going strong! These are £1.99 for 30 cloths.

Shine Absorbing Sheets
I've never seen the point of blotting sheets before. I mean why apply your make up just to wipe it away??? Ahhh well if you use these correctly then you don't. The sheets aren't coated in powder so when you dab your oily t-zone you're make up is left looking untouched but with slightly less shine! One sheet is enough for me to de-shine my forehead and chin. A pack of 50 sheets cost £2.99 and these will last absolutely ages!

I would buy all three of these products again and the shine absorbing sheets have already become an everyday used product.

Have you used any of these? What did you think?


Anonymous said...

I thought the face cloths were useless when I tried them. However the oil absorbing sheets are fab!

Karla said...

The oil absorbing sheets really are amazing! X

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