Sunday, 22 July 2012

GHD Scarlet collection

I've had my current GHD's for quite a few years and whilst they still work fine, they were looking a little tired. OK it's nothing a bit of a clean wouldn't fix but still the allure of brand new spangly GHD's kept enticing me.

A couple of months ago I was off work with a crippling migraine and whilst I was feeling sorry for myself for being stuck in bed when it was the hottest few days of the year I saw a tweet from GHD saying that their Scarlet collection had £60 off making it only £89!

Bargain! I don't know if it was all the drugs I was on but I caved and bought them! The next day they arrived and I was sooooo excited!

Inside the box you get a red keepsake box to store everything in and inside that you get a little red heat protection bag to store the straighteners in.

You get the straighteners with red plates, two sectioning clips and a rather funky contraption to keep the plates together.

The plates are quite snazzy I think you'll agree!

As well as the straighteners you also get a hair dryer. Yes for £89 I got new straighteners and a new hairdryer!

As the GHD Air dryer had been getting rave reviews I had high hopes for this little beauty. I quite liked how it had a foldy handle which makes it perfect for travelling and for storage.

The dryer has two speeds and a cool setting.

So onto the reviews......

The straighteners are great as always. GHD will never do a bad pair of straighteners. End of. I really like the little contraption you put over the plates, such a great idea. As for the dryer, it dries my hair quickly and is really quiet. If you're looking for a dryer that you can use in the mornings whilst everyone else is asleep then this is for you.

Oh I forgot to mention, even though I got these at the end of May I bought them as a birthday present for myself but my birthday wasn't until the end of June so I had to sit looking at them for a month before I allowed myself to use them!

Currently I'm using the cardboard box to store these in and I use the big red box to store my nail polishes in as they were bursting out of their bag.

I'm really happy I bought these and I can see us having many happy years together!


Jenna Suth said...

So jealous!! I love my GHDs and yours looks so sparkly and new haha. Do you think the GHD Air is better than an average hairdryer? x

Karla said...

I don't think this one is an Air but I do prefer it to my normal dryer. Haha they don't look quite so new & sparkly now but I'm keeping them looking as new as possible! X

Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

Really great buy especially with the hair dryer as well!

Fee x

Karla said...

It really was, too good to turn down! X

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