Friday, 20 July 2012

Review - Purity facial skincare

This is the second of my reviews of Purity skincare. This time I am focusing on cleansing products.

Facial Wash - £4.99
I normally use face wash in the shower in the mornings as it's quick and easy. This face wash has a slight scent which I believe is almond but it's really soothing. The wash itself is a little watery but a little goes a long way. I do like this product but one thing that could be improved is the bottle. I would much prefer a pump bottle so I can control how much I use, I like measured amounts!

Conditioning Cleansing Lotion - £4.99
The consistency of this is rather like most cleansers, not too runny or too thick. I put some of this on my hands and then rubbed onto my face before wiping away with a sponge. All traces of my foundation were removed and my skin looked and felt really clean. 

Facial Exfoliator - £5.99
When I first used this I didn't expect it to have a quite thin consistency so when I squeezed some out I ended up with a big dollop which was plenty for my face! There's lots of little grains into to exfoliate but it is really gentle. I rubbed this on my face using my fingers at first and then used a little facial scrubber to get a proper deep exfoliation. I used this straight on my skin without removing my foundation first and it did remove most of it. Afterwards my skin did feel really clean.

Overall I liked all three of these products but I wouldn't repurchase the cleansing lotion. For me I've used other products of the same quality and price and prefer those. If you have sensitive skin then I would without a doubt recommend these products and you can find out more information about them and where to buy here


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