Sunday, 1 July 2012

The month that was.....June

Ahh June, it's been a busy month.

I'd resigned myself to staying on at work and accepting an extension to my contract much to my disappointment and then I got a possible job opportunity somewhere else which would mean an immediate start so dilemma....what do I do???? 

Well I decided that this opportunity was too good to miss so I told work that I wasn't going to accept my contract extension and I left! In the end I didn't get the other job but cest la vie, I'm way happier than I was so the risk was worth it!

Also I did lots of interview prep (below) for the job but I didn't get ask a single question, it was very strange!

Also I won a competition run by Revlon on Twitter and I got lots of their new Top Speed nail polishes sent to me and I've been enjoying trying them all out. I also won a competition ran by Eylure for me and three friends to go on the Guestlist for the Hed Kandi and Pacha beach party in London yesterday but no one could make it so I had to reject the prize :-( Twas gutted.

It was also the Queens Diamond Jubilee, it feels like it was ages ago not only 25 days ago, so we had a little party on the sunday when the flotilla was going down the Thames, my theme was everything in miniature!

It was fathers day so I dusted off my crafting stuff and made my dad this card:

Yesterday was my birthday but I just had a quiet day and went to Nandos for tea which was nice but the wait for a table was so long. Tonight I'm also gong out for some drinks with my friend who I haven't seen for ages so that should be fun and talking of drinks.....

A nice refreshing Rekorderlig cider:

Ahhh lovely!


Nicole - Top To Toe said...

oooh loving the heart shaped ice cubes! Sorry to hear about the job situation, what is the next step?

Karla said...

They are cute aren't they? I've got a job interview tomorrow so hopefully that will come through but I've just been applying for general admin work x

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