Sunday, 15 July 2012

Review - Purity skincare

I was recently sent some products from Purity skincare to try. I received a face wash, cleanser, exfoliator and what I'm reviewing here an anti-ageing moisturiser, overnight moisturiser and a face mask.

Purity was a brand I had heard of before but didn't know that much about. Now I know that Purity is organic and products are free from parabens, GM and petroleum-derived products. All packaging is recyclable and products are made in the UK.

Anti-ageing moisturiser - £7.99
I'm normally very careful with what moisturisers I use on my face as some products just sit on it and my skin can be left feeling tacky and horrible. I tested this one on my hand first, if it has a good effect on my hand I'll use it on my face and this one passed. On my face it absorbed quickly and left it feeling moisturised. I would also say it also left my skin looking and feeling a little matte, and as I have combination skin this is very good.

Regenerating overnight moisturiser - £7.99
For night time I am a little more flexible with what I use on my face. I normally use creams which are a little too heavy to use on my skin during my day so generally anything goes. This cream was interesting. When I opened the tub it looked like a balm and on initial testing it felt like a balm. On my face it sat heavy, felt heavy and isn't really my cup of tea. My skin was left feeling lovely and soft after but it's not for me.

Anti-ageing serum and mask - £8.99
This product was very watery. To me a mask should be thick in consistency but this wasn't. The instructions say apply a thick layer, which I did, and wait for it to dry. I didn't think it would dry as it was so watery. Ahhh how I underestimated it. It did set and not rock hard like others can that then take an age to remove. It left my skin soft and I would quite happily use this several times a week just for a boost if my skin was looking a little tired.

Out of these products tried the only one I would buy is the anti-ageing serum and mask, the other two just didn't really do it for me even though I did quite like the anti-ageing moisturiser. If you want to try these they are available to buy from here.


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