Saturday, 28 July 2012

USA nail polish swatches - Sally Hansen and Milani

As requested by the lovely Annabella who brought these back from America for me here are the swatches for the Sally Hansen and Milani polishes from my USA haul post.

Sorry that the photo above is a bit crappy, light wasn't on my side that day!

On all photos the middle two fingers have coloured polish underneath and the top and bottom nails are just the glitter polish.

Sally Hansen shades: Lady Luck and Razzle Dazzler.

Milani shade: Gems.

Out of all three polishes I think my favourite is the Milani polish, I just love the chunky glitter effect.

Are there any USA polishes that you love? I'd love to hear what you'd recommend.


Anonymous said...

Gah your nails look like sweeties! I agree that Milani one is the best! Your not the only one that requested it! :D

Anonymous said...

i love glitter polishes! cute blog girl :)

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