Sunday, 8 July 2012

Project diet starts now!

One of my Day Zero goals is to lose a stone by the end of the year, I've just kind of been hoping this would happen all by itself but as I felt like I'd put on weight these last few weeks I decided it was time for action. 

On the scales I popped and yes I had put on 5 pounds. 


So I am now going on a healthy eating and exercise program. I'm not following any one in particular but I've decided to go with the low carb route. So what am I cutting down on? Potatoes, pasta, rice, bread are all no-no's but I won't say no to a small portion every now and then. I'm going to be lapping up salad, meat, eggs, vegetables, cheese in the hope it'll kick start my metabolism. 

I'm also going to go on my exercise bike at least 3 times a week and do at least 3k a time. This doesn't sound a lot but I'm trying to build it back up to 5k a time. Oh and I'm going to drink more water. When I was working I used to drink at least a litre a day but now I hardly drink any other than tea and pop.

I'm also going to give myself one treat day a week where I can have one can of pop, chocolate and crisps. I think this will be a Friday!

I'll do an update every week or so to let you all know how I'm doing, hopefully well!

Are you currently trying to lose some weight or trying to get fit? Or have you any tips that you'd recommend? Let me know.


World Of Beauty said...

I'm forever trying to lose weight. The only tip I really have and I think its crucial is to be organised. Plan weekly menus so you're never caught off guard and think sod it, i'll go for a chippy haha. Good luck x x

Karla said...

Yeah that's what I think I might do, been trying to find exciting recipes so it'll be a little easier to try to cook things instead of think that I can't be bothered and I'll just cook a huge curry instead! x

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