Monday, 9 July 2012

A little USA haul! And a few magazine freebies!

This haul is quite exciting as it contains things that are either only available in the USA or that are hard to find here in the UK. 

Fellow blogger Annabella from Skin Scrubs was heading back to her native USA and kindly asked if I wanted anything picking up whilst she was there.

It was one of those occasions where everything you've made a mental note of wanting from there vanished from my mind but I did send her a list non the less. So what did I ask for?

Bath and Body Works mini shower gels - OK so these are described as mini's but they're not. Each bottle is 88ml which is quite sizeable. I chose fruity scents and surprisingly my favourite is the Pink Chiffon which contains some floral notes.

Organix hair macadamia oil - Some Organix products are available int he UK but over in the USA they have such a large selection of scents and products. The macadamia range, as far as I'm aware, isn't available in the UK so I asked for the styling oil.

Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover - I'd only ever seen a couple of reviews of these and both reviews were amazing. The fact it claimed to 'dissolve dry cuticles in 15 seconds' instantly made me NEED to try this.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips - these were a kind of impulse buy. They aren't available over here so I took advantage of being able to get hold of some.

EOS lip balm - everyone raves about EOS products so I thought I'd see what they were on about. The lip balms are available in the UK. 

Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish - These two colours are amazing. Pink and sparkly, what's not to like? I don't think these are available in the UK. Shades: Lady Luck and Razzle Dazzler.

Milani Jewel FX nail polish - This is a kind of dupe for Models Own Ibiza Mix and the reviews I'd seen for Milani polishes have been good so I added this to my list too! Shade: Gems.

Once again I'd like to say THANK YOU to Annabella for getting these for me and as I've already tried some of these next time she goes to the USA I might be sending her with another shopping list!

And a few more little bits are from the August magazine freebies:

Balance Me minis - Glamour
Avon mascara - Marie Clare
Ren - Red

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like your USA goodies! I'm dying to know what those Sally Hansens look like too so get swatching!

Karla said...

I don't need telling twice, I'll get swatching! I tried them quickly on my mums nails & they are very pretty x

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