Monday, 2 July 2012

Product use up: April - June

Crikey, we're halfway through the year! So it is of course time for my product use up post! So this quarter what have I used up?

Shower gel - 6
Face wipes - 4
Shampoo - 4
Conditioner - 4
Deodorant - 4
Heat protection spray - 2
Face mask - 2
Dry shampoo - 2
Make up remover - 2
Face scrub - 2
Hairspray - 2
Face cream - 1
Body scrub - 1
Veet - 1
Hand cream -1
Hair serum - 1
Cleanser - 1
Face oil - 1
Foot soak - 1

Total = 42 products used up!

I'm still working my way through my stash of products but I'm getting there! Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have used up all of my 'older' products.

Link me to your use up posts!


Sugar And Smile said...

Well done. I've been on a product clear out since the new year but I've slowed down quite a lot. Need to get back into things because I'm about half way through my goal... And I have my eyes on loads of new things that I want to buy!!

Anonymous said...

Great usage my dear! Does your family wonder why you save your empties or have they figured it out now?

Karla said...

@skin scrubs - yes my mum knows why but I keep them in a basket in my wardrobe so they're out of the way!

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