Friday, 1 June 2012

The month that was....May

Ok I admit I forgot to write this post until this morning when I realised it was actually June! Where is time going?!

And now I'm trying to think of exciting things I've done this month.......hmmm well I've had lots of time off as I've been using my annual leave up because I've been unsure whether my contract at work was going to be extended, which I found out yesterday it has been my hours have been reduced which I'm not happy about but hey ho. I'm also off work today so I get a nice long break with the Bank Holidays and I don't go back until Thursday which is even nicer!

With my time off I also finally got round to sorting out my clothes and donated alot to charity. These were things that have been in the drawers under my bed since I moved last year which I haven't worn since so probably never will.

I also had two days off work last week as I had the worst migraine ever but I did order the Scarlet collection GHD's with hairdryer which was on offer for £89 instead of £149. These are for my birthday which is on the 29th June so I'm going to keep them for then. I also blame all the painkillers I was on for making me slightly irrational and thinking it was ok to buy them!

And I'm also being sucked in to all the things with the Union Jack on for the jubilee.

And one last photo of the amazing weather we had last week but as I was at work or in bed ill I didn't really get to enjoy it but never mind :-(

Hope you had a good month :-)


Jenna Suth said...

Such a shame that you were ill over the very few days we get nice weather, but fingers crossed we might get more of a summer this year. I'd love to see more pictures of your GHD purchase :) xx

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