Saturday, 2 July 2011

Product use up - half way point

So it's the beginning of July and I'm now half way through my product use up challenge! I have to admit I think I'm doing quite well. I was originally trying to not buy any beauty products until I'd ran out but you know what it's like, a new product comes out or theres a great offer on so you succumb to the pressure and buy. But even with that in mind I still haven't done bad.

So in June what did I manage to use up?

Left photo: Sure deodorant x2, Elle Macpherson body scrub, Batiste dry shampoo and Clinique facial liquid soap

Right photo: Lee Stafford Grow Faster hair treatment, Organic Surge liquid handwash, Lee Stafford poker straight balm, No 7 make=up remover, Soap & Glory Fab Pore face mask and Neutrogena face wipes

For the second half of the year I'm going to revert back to what I was doing in my product use up challenges last year and aim to finish all the opened products I have a I've been abit naughty and have been opening new bottles when the old one hasn't been finished. So I have these to finish before the 31st December:

I'm not going to name every item but in a nut shell there are:
11x hair styling products
12x hair washing products
15x facial skincare products
4x washing products
10x moisturising products
Which totals 52 products to get through. Wish me luck!

Finally how are you doing with your challenge? Link me to you posts in the comments below!


Amyboo said...

Well you've made great progress already! :)
It seems like there's A LOT to get through before the end of the year already though!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to not buy anything before I get married. I want to finish quite a bit as I know I'll be bringing stuff back with me from the US. Where do you keep everything? Your bathroom must be huge!

Mybutterfly63 said...

Wow you have loads of stuff to use up, Im sure you will get there tho! You've done great so far :) xx

Karla said...

@Amyboo - I know I have loads of stuff. I get into the bad habit of getting half way through something & starting something new. Not good! x

@Skin Scrubs - Well I have some in my bathroom, some in my bedroom & the spare room has been taken over by me! Hahaha! Oh and the whole airing cupboard! x

@Mybutterfly63 - Thanks hun! x

Miss War Paint (Nic) said...

Woo you've done great so far! I have so much makeup and skincae its the point where it has started to stress me out. I'm a on a real mission to start finishing everything! xxx

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