Sunday, 17 July 2011

The week that was....

This week has felt like a life time! I had my mandatory induction at work on Monday and Wednesday and they were the two longest days of my life. Basically they consisted of being sat down watching Power Point presentations all day. Monday wasn't too bad as it was only 9-2.30 but Wednesday was a 9-5 day. So after learning about finance, security, load handling and the organisations values I also learnt that being sat down for 8 hours really isn't good for my bottom, I've never looked forward to being able to stand up more!

But anyway enough of my moaning! This week I've also been attempting to clear some stuff out ready for moving. I didn't realise that we had so much stuff in the loft so as I have tomorrow booked off work I'm going to try to get all of it sorted and my housework done.

And I'm also loving that Shameless is being shown on Dave (weeknights at 10pm if you're wondering), I forgot how good the earlier series's were, especially Sheila, that woman is bonkers!

Hope you all had a good week and hello to my new followers! And don't forget my Mac birthday giveaway which you can all enter here and please please please do so!

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