Sunday, 3 July 2011

The week that was....

I haven't done this post in a few weeks mainly because I've been working so haven't been up to much interesting. This week it was my birthday, I'm now 23. Eek I feel so old! So I've been celebrating most of this last week even though I went to work on my birthday so it didn't really feel like it was my birthday :-(

Here's a few photos of what I got given (sorry about the light in the photos it wasn't on my side):

A new camera, a satchel bag for work, Escada Taj Sunset, Lipsy bracelet, a fancy pen, jewellery and I got some giftcards, another handbag and some other bits too.

On friday night six of us went for a trip out for tea at Nando's which meant a mad rush home for me but I left work 15 minutes early so got home at 5.45 then had to jump in the shower, wash my hair, decide on what to wear and clean up as everyone was meeting at my house.

It was a really night out and we all had a laugh and ate far too much! We all had double chicken burgers/wraps and then had cheesecake for pudding! Oops! All together it came to around £110 for six which really isn't bad at all.

This week at work was much less stressful than last week and surprisingly friday afternoon was busy even though we have no clinics running as we were preparing for this next week and catching up on little jobs we didn't get done in the week. But I didn't get paid which is a big pain in my ass as I'll have to catch up with my manager on monday and get her to ring pay services. Hope I don't have to wait until the end of July.

I have a few haul posts coming up this week to show what I've bought over the last few weeks so these start tomorrow.

Hope you've all had a good week and don't forget I'm also running a Mac giveaway where you can win a Mac lipstick or eyeshadow! Click here to go straight to the page.


Anna said...

Love the bracelet :)

Bakemyday said...

Ahhh I used to love Escada perfumes! That new one is back to its best again. Last years edition was very sickly but new one good again! You've just reminded me to get some haha. Love the bag too

hope you had a lovely day xxx

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