Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review - 17 Mirror Shine lipsticks

It isn't often that I try a product and then have to buy different shades of the same product but I simply love 17's Mirror Shine lipsticks.

So far I have (left - right): Belle (I have repurchased this shade), Sugar Daddy, Peace and Flirtini.

One of the reasons I love these is that they are quite sheer so the colours aren't as bright or dark as they look on the bullet so for someone quite pale like me I can buy a bright shade but it'll look quite subtle when on.

I do have my eye on Hollywood which is a red shade but forgot to have a look in Boots for it last time I was in.

Have you tried these? What did you think? Or is there another brand of lipstick you swear by?


Sugar And Smile said...

He packaging has changed recently. But has the lipstick formula changed? I've seen loads of good reviews about the old blue style packaging but not much about the new silver ones!! They definitely look prettier in the new casing!! X

*Daisy Loves said...

I always pick these up in Boots for for some reason I havent induldged - I love the brighter shades you have! Am thinking I should try one out now! x

Sarah said...

I have Belle too & I love it!

Sarah xx

Karla said...

@sugar and smile - the silver lipsticks are different to these blue ones, I'm not sure how silmilar they are as I've never tried the silvers ones x

@daisy loves - you should pick one up & give it a go, I don't think you'll be disappointed x

Maddie said...

oh my god, belle looks gorgeous! want! :D

maddie xx

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