Monday, 13 February 2012

Review - Original Source vanilla milk and raspberry shower cream

I saw this Original Source vanilla milk and raspberry shower creme on someones blog ages ago and I made it my mission to track it down because it sounded amazing!

It is a lovely creamy pink colour and oh my gosh it truly does smell amazing! Think of the most luxurious raspberry milkshake and then you're on the right tracks.

As it is a cream it is a slightly thicker consistency than a gel and in my opinion they are more luxurious.

All I can say is that when using it it is like having a shower in a milkshake and the aroma is amazing! It is mouthwatering actually. I could quite happily use this product everyday for the next year because it smells that good!

This is £2.20 for a 250ml bottle and it is also available as a handwash which is also priced at £2.20 for a 250ml bottle and they are available from most health and beauty retailers and supermarkets.


Jess said...

Oh I love this product! I think it smells exactly like drumstick lollies! xx

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