Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The month that was - January

This month feels like it's just gone on and on and on! I finally got rid of my annoying cough that I had since before christmas only to then get another cold! I had 2 days off work because I felt so rubbish :-(

I also decided to cancel my Feel Unique beauty box after Januarys one was very dissapointing. How much skincare stuff do they think you want in a single box?

Even though I'm meant to be on a diet as I want to loose a stone by the end of June I have been eating my pink and white mice, I still haven't finished the tub, and I bought a mini egg dessert! Love these! Oh and I bought a box of Pop Tarts which helped me feel better when I was off work!

After moving back home about 5 months ago I finally got round to putting my picture up in my room and it's got pride of place above my bed.

This month I also went on a spending ban which went well, I did spend a little last week but I sold some things on eBay so I think this is allowed! I also had a job interview at a small hospital which is slightly nearer to where I live but I didn't get the job :-( never mind. Hope you had a good month!


Elaine said...

I felt the same about this month's Feel Unique box. I like skincare stuff but it's the makeup testers that really excite me about the boxes.

suzy said...

I love the cushions on your bed :) x

Karla said...

@Elaine - I used to look forward to the make up goodies too, they're much more exciting than skincare! x

@suzy - thank you! x

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