Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Battle of the....primers

A couple of years ago no one really bothered with make up primers but since then there has been a boom in products being released. The first primer I bought was the Studio Secrets smoothing resurfacing primer and the latest one I've bought is Bourjois Flower Perfection translucent smoothing primer. 

I can tell you're thinking why that is relevant but in fact these two products are so similar it's a little bit silly.

I've had the L'oreal primer since 2010 and it's taken me ages to use it because I simply wasn't impressed with it. Ok at first I have to admit I did like it but I hadn't used any other primers so had nothing to compare it to.

Both products look the same but the textures are slightly different. 

The L'oreal primer is more of a cream and even though it does sink into the skin quite quickly it does leave my skin feeling a little coated and I have to admit in the end I really hated using this product but not one to waste anything I persisted and used it up.

On the other hand, the Bourjois primer is more of a lightweight gel. It absorbs super quick, leaves your skin feeling like silk and my foundation went on really well over this. The only thing that I don't like it that it's in a pot rather than a pump but the product's consistency wouldn't suite a bottle so I'll forgive them for this!

Overall I would undoubtedly buy the Bourjois primer over the L'Oreal one any day. It simply suited my skin better but it is slightly more expensive at £9.99 for 7ml compared to £14.29 for a 15ml pot. 

If you want to try these then both of these are available at Boots or Superdrug.


Victoria said...

I have the L'Oreal one and whilst I find it ok, I don't think it is anything special and I am constantly aware of it on my skin. I quite like the Maybelline Anti Aging gel one at the moment as the consistency feels much lighter.

kia said...

I've tried the Bourjois one and love it! Primers are definitely becoming more popular these days. Lovely blog btw, I'm your newest follower :) x

Talking Trash & Wasting Time said...

I don't know what I did without primer before I discovered it a few years back.
I use Smashbox photofinish and I love it so much. I have tried the L'Oreal one but not too keen on it. I want to try the Maybelline one to see if that one is any good, for the price it is its worth a try :)

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