Saturday, 5 May 2012

The month that was...April....

....and the first five days of May!

Yes I'm late with this post but the last few weeks have been pretty crazy. Work has been mental, I was left by myself for three days last week as my colleague was off sick and the other was on annual leave so I had to cope by myself which by Wednesday morning I wasn't doing very well and was ready to walk out. Thankfully on Thursday and Friday things picked up and I regained my sanity.

I also had a job interview but unfortunately I didn't get the job. Apparently it was down to me and someone else and they chose the other person. Damn them!

Even though I've put on 5 pounds over the last couple of months I still took advantage of a trip to Marks & Spencers by buying Percy Pigs including the new Percy in the Pink chocolates and yes they were yummy!

I also finally got round to sorting out piles of rubbish in my bedroom and they are still rubbish free. Below are the before and after photos if you're interested, which you're probably not!

And the less said about the recent weather the better. This photo was taken last Sunday when it was absolutely abysmal. 

In other news my cousin had her baby, a boy which she called Charlie, I discovered Disarano and Pepsi Max don't taste good together and Great Tastes of America is back at McDonalds! Oh yes I'm excited about this and will be visiting over the next month!

Hope you had a great month!


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