Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment

This is a new product from Lush and I was really excited to try it out on my scalp which can erupt in horrible flaky eczema.

Superbalm is really easy to use, you simply massage it onto your scalp before washing your hair and then wash it as normal.

As it's name suggests it is a balm and this little 45g tin will last ages as you need very little as you only use it on the bits of your scalp which need it.

It also removes product build up so if you've washed your hair in a rush and maybe haven't rinsed as well as you should have this will sort it out in no time.

Since buying this my scalp has, typically, been ok. I've used this two or three times and each time it has sorted my scalp out.

I think this is a good product to have in your cupboard as a back up just in case.

This 45g tin is priced at £12.00 and is only available from Lush.


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