Sunday, 21 April 2013

Project Diet Update - 1

So I have been on my diet and healthy eating plan for two weeks now and so far so good!

In fact it has gone so well I have lost 7 pounds! As I originally wanted to lose a stone by the end of June I am half way there! I have added a weight loss button on the side there >>>> so you can keep track of how I'm doing. This will be updated every two weeks when I get weighed. Also you may notice it says I've lost 10 pounds but that's how much I've lost since I first started using My Fitness Pal a few years ago.

I have had a few days where I've gone over my 1500 calories allowance but I've been extra good the next so it's not too bad.

On my 500 days (Fast Diet or the 5:2 Diet) I have found it quite easy to stick to a low calorie diet. I have only had four 500 calorie days so far and I've been over my calories on two of these but not by many. As long as I have under 600 calories then I'm counting these as a success. I'm finding if I plan my days food out before it's alot easier to stick too.

I try to stick to under 100 calories for breakfast (Weight Watchers yogurt or cookies), around 200 calories for lunch (chicken noodles or tuna and cucumber or a salad with a tiny amount of dressing) and  then 200 calories for tea. I normally have a salad with half a chicken breast or half a tin of tuna.

Everyday I am also drinking at least 750ml of water at work and only having 2 cups of tea instead of about 5. Currently I am also having a can of Diet Coke with my lunch (1 calorie) but when my multipacks have been used up then I'm not going to buy anymore and I'll drink more water. Also when I get home I refill my 750ml water bottle and drink that too. I put some high juice in it, no added sugar, which is 39 calories but makes water a lot more appealing.

Last Saturday I completely blew my calorie allowance as I went to McDonalds for lunch and then was going to have a salad for tea but my friend unexpectedly asked me to go out for tea so I had over 2000 calories but I only drank Diet Coke so didn't waste any calories on alcohol.

As for exercise I have been going for walks in the village and going on my exercise bike. For walks I generally burn 104 calories and I always do at least 5k on my bike which is 160 calories. I am trying to build up my stamina on my bike so I'll be able to do 10k again, yesterday I managed 7k so I'm on my way! Last week I didn't do much exercise but I'm going to be back on it again this next week as I'm determined to get the other half of that stone off.

If you have any weight loss tips or healthy recipes let me know!


niknak267 said...

I've been trying to lose a few pounds too. I've been going to the gym three times a week and limited myself to 1200 calories. Have you tried to the Volvic sugar free flavoured water? I love the strawberry flavour! x

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