Monday, 1 April 2013

The month that was.....March

Well March has been and gone, can't believe that we are a quarter of the way through the year and believe it or not we are now also on British Summer Time. Hope it warms up soon!

March has been a pretty busy month, it started with an unexpected trip to the opticians as I couldn't see properly. Turns out in 3 months my eyes have changed drastically so I had to have another full eye check, swap my contact lenses and buy new pair of glasses. At least I can see now.

I also went on holiday to Lanzarote. This also coincided with the snow we had back in the UK so when everyone here was wrapping up warm I was in the warm of a 28 degree climate.

Unfortunately whilst on holiday I ended up with bad fluid retention in my foot.

My foot is near enough back to normal but it does still hurt a little. Oh and the heat rash has gone too. All in all my foot was a mess and flip flops were my friends whilst on holiday.

As I've now been back a week I think I also have a mild form of tonsillitis but I think I'm beating it so hopefully won't need any medication.

Well there we have my March, except for the huge fat foot and huge fat throat it was a pretty good month. Oh and for the blurry eyes!


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