Saturday, 6 April 2013

L'Oreal Wild Ombres hair dye

I'm really late with this post as I used this product way back in December.

I thought I would dabble in the dip dye ombre hair scene but was a little apprehensive about it as I didn't want to have a hair disaster.

I like the fact that this kit comes with a brush which means it's dead easy to use. You just have to make sure you get the dye level on each side but with the help of a mirror this is easy to do.

The product was easy to mix up and application took no time at all. The product can be left on for between 25 and 45 minute depending on how light you want the ombre. I left mine on for 35 mins and when I rinsed it off it had gone a little gingery which I wasn't surprised at as I have quite dark brown hair so didn't expect a really blonde colour.

 I really liked the effect and have only just put a colour on top of it as I didn't want to go on holiday and end up with bright ginger hair that's been dyed by the sun (yes I speak from experience on this one!) 

There are 3 different shades available and they are priced £6.00 each and are available from high street chemists and supermarkets. 

Have you used this what did you think?


Anonymous said...

Do you have a photo with the results?

Karla said...

No I didn't take photos as I dyed it back red pretty soon after but it did look like the image on the box x

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