Monday, 22 April 2013

Face Wipes: The best and the worst

Previously I have done two of these posts (here and here) and as I hadn't done one in a while I thought I'd get back on the face wipes testing wagon.

St Ives Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes - £3.05 for 35 wipes (Superdrug)

These wipes were a little thin but the did remove well. For the money they are ok but I don't think I would buy again. I'd rather spend a little bit more for thicker wipes.

My overall impression: 5/10

Olay Essentials Wet Cleansing Wipes - £2.49 for 20 wipes (Boots)

These smelt really fresh and removed well. They even took off my mascara when I was too lazy to remove it properly! I quite liked these but I've used other which I would buy before I considered to buy these again.

My overall impression: 6/10

Superdrug Camomile Facial Cleaning Wipes - 99p for around 30 wipes (Superdrug)

Hated these. They made my skin sting so bad it felt like my face was expanding. Ended up using these instead of baby wipes to clean my hands when doing my make up. Would never buy again

My overall impression: 0/10

Nivea Pure & Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes - £3.05 for 25 wipes (Superdrug)

These wipes were soft, moist and thick. I could remove all my facial make up with one wipe without feeling like it was falling apart. My make up removed well and they had a nice scent.

My overall impression: 8/10

It seems like I saved the best until last with these wipes as Nivea Pure & Natural wipes were the best. I have started trying out other wipes so my next post should be too far away. Let me know which wipes you would recommend I they might feature in my next face wipes post.


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