Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review - Lush Ocean Salt facial scrub

I bought this as I thought it would help my scalp when it flares up with eczema, I didn't really have much intention of using it on my face.

The scrub is very coarse, it is like rock salt and gives an amazing exfoliation. It is also scented with coconut, grapefruit and limes which have been soaked in vodka, who wouldn't love a product that contains vodka?!?

The product is also a little creamy as just having the salt itself would be way too harsh for your skin, I use such a little amount this 250g pot will last me absolutely ages.

It worked on my scalp but as I also bought a product specifically for my scalp at the same time (review to come) I haven't needed to use this on my scalp since. As for using it on m face, as I've already mentioned I use a very small amount, probably the size of a 10p piece and just rub it on my face using my fingers.

After my face is left feeling smooth, fresh and clean. Even though it is quite a coarse scrub I would be happy to use this 3-4 times a week.

This is available in two sizes, 100ml for £6.95 and 250g for £12.50 and is only available from Lush.


CC said...

I thought it would be too harsh for my skin, but I found if I didn't use any of the course salt pieces it was a really good scrub. I used this and the cupcake mask 1-2 a week and my skin became so clear and smooth!

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