Sunday, 15 May 2011

The week that was....

Yet another week has gone, seriously where is 2011 going?

So this week my car failed its MOT :-( but it's nothing serious and can be fixed quickly and cheaply, ahh the joys of having a boyfriend who's a mechanic!

I also went shopping to get a few last things for work including some new glasses. This turned out to be a nightmare as I was told 2 pairs of glasses, normal ones and sunglasses would be £100. Ahh perfect, bang on budget. Then when I went to pay it had bumped up to £164 and then I had to pay £5 to get them done in the hour! Luckily my mum was with me and she payed as I couldn't afford that. Three separate assistants told us they would only cost £100 so we spent the rest of the day in a shocked daze! But I do like my new glasses and I do need them. My haul post can be found here if you want a look but my glasses aren't there as they're not that exciting!

Hmmm what else happened....I had wanted to finish my book by today but I have another 100+ pages left to read so I don't think I'm going to do this.

I also got my CRB check back so I should get a start date for my job now, excited yet very scared and nervous!

So that was my week, exciting like always! Haha! And like always a cute little piccy to leave you with!

Image from: weheartit


Donna said...

rrrrrrrr the rabbit is sooo cute! xx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Ah Karla, this week has to be better for you, keeping my fingers crossed X Love your little bunny, sooo cute. I have three buns and three guinea pigs, in fact I have a bit of a zoo going on here lol! Have a wonderful stress-free week. Glad to be workikng with you over at Pear Tree hugs Heidi xx

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