Friday, 13 May 2011

Haul - Next, Boots, ASOS & more!

This is the last big haul post I'm going to do for a while due to tarting my new job and having no pennys as I have shed loads of stuff to pay for when I get a decent wage. So I went shopping on wednesday to get the last few bits for my job so here is what I got:

Cupcake caddys - £3.99 (was £7.99)

Peter Pan collar top - £10

I thought this would be way more than £10 so snapped it up at this bargain price!

Sanctuary Brightening Eye Gel - £10.20 (£5.20 with my £5 skincare voucher) 
Sanctuary Purifying Face Wash - £8.99 (£3.99 with my £5 skincare voucher)
Models Own eyeshadow applicators - £3.00

Une mineral foundation - £9.99
Bourjois Smoky Eyes eyeshadow in Rose Vintage - £7.99
L'Oreal Color Riche lipstick in shade 235 - £8.19
Cosmetics are currently on 3 for 2 so the Bourjois eyeshadow was free!

Top: L'Oreal lipstick
Bottom: Une foundation

Bourjois eyeshadow without flash

Bourjois eyeshadow with flash

From Lanzarote
So technically this was a present but thought I'd show you anyway. My grandad bought this back for me but it's not exactly what I wanted but it still smells gorgeous! It's soap which has sand in it so it's exfoliating.

I love the detailing on the back with the embossed tree and brand name

Jersey Wrap Top - £25

This was from their Curve range which starts at a size 20. I'm currently a 16-18 so thought this might be too big but it fits perfectly. I'm keeping this for my birthday night out which isn't for a month and a half but hey ho!

Paradise by Katie Price - £3.29

So there we have it my last big haul for a while. Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought! Have you bought anything recently or have you a product you'd recommend? Let me know in the comments below!


G A B Y said...

The Bourjois eyeshadow look pretty (:

Anonymous said...

OMG what on earth is that soap/rock thing from Lanzarote? It looks like a slab of marble? Where can I get this - do they have a website? Aghhh (Homer face)

Karla said...

@GABY - It is really pretty! x

Skin Scrubs - I wanted a pumice soap which I normally get from Lanzarote but my grandad & his wife couldn't find any so brought my this instead which is a gentle exfoliating soap. Haha it os look like a slab of marble! Go onto google and search "mama pepa jabones de lanzarote" and it comes up with a few sites but you'll have to translate as they're in Spanish x

Karla said...

@Skin Scrubs -

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