Saturday, 7 May 2011

Book Review - Katie Price: Crystal and Sapphire

I have previously read and review Angel, which was Katie Prices's first novel, which can be found here. It's probably an understatement to say that I loved Angel and the follow up Angel: Uncovered and I read then in mega fast time, a couple of days for each. At the same time as I bought these I bought Crystal and pre-ordered Sapphire.

Instead of writing about what happens I'm just going to write the blurb and then say if I enjoyed it or not. This way I won't ruin it for anyone.

"Crystal is beautiful, talented and ambitious. All her life she has dreamed of making it as a singer. After years of trying to break into the music industry her chance finally comes when her girl band enters a TV reality show contest.

But Crystal has a secret. She's fallen for the wrong man and this one mistake could cost her everything - her friendships, her fame and her chance of ever finding love again...."

I read this one last as it didn't really grab me with the whole singing contest plot but I was soon gripped and couldn't put it down. Crystal well and truely falls for the wrong man which comes back to bite her in a bad way but all along I was routing for her and wanted her to find her true love. Which she does. But alas nothing ever runs smoothly.....

Overall: 8/10

"Sapphire Jones doesn't believe in relationships any more - not since she caught her husband in bed with another woman.

Now Sapphire only sees men on her terms, which is why her current lover is young, good-looking, and great in bed. What more does a girl need?

Sapphire puts all her passion into making a success of her lingerie and hen weekend business, and life seems pretty good. Until she meets a charming businessman who is more than a match for her. And then a hen party organised by Sapphire ends in disaster, and she becomes front-page news for all the wrong reasons.

Suddenly her business is in jeopardy, her private life is falling apart, and in the middle of all this Sapphire realises that she is not immune to love after all. But has she left it too late?"

When I started reading this I was gripped straight away. Sapphire seemed like abit of a bitch for how she treated Jay, her boyfriend, but I have to admit I didn't like him. As the book went on Jay grew on me and in then end I was really wanting things to work out for them even though the charming businessman sounded like a perfect match for her.  I would love to read what happens next to Sapphire in another book.

Overall: 9/10

For both of these books it is would be an advantage to read Angel and Angel Uncovered first as some characters out of these turn up in these books too.

Have you read any Katie Price books? What did you think to them? Surely I can't be the only one who loves trashy novels?!


Anonymous said...

I've read Crystal too and I was the same as you not really into it at first then I was flying through it! I need trash in my life to, I listen to BBC Radio 4 and watch Question Time so I need to balance that with a bit of fluff.

Love your new header hun looks great! x

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