Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Review - L'Occitane handcreams part 1

One of my all time favourite beauty products is L'Occitane handcream. I simply love it but there are so many different fragrances and formulations available it is slightly baffling as to which one would suite you the best. I have tried and tested as many as I could to give you a quick guide to them. I have divided this into two posts, the second will be posted tomorrow so what's up first:

Shea Butter, Cherry Blossom and Fleur Cherie


Shea Butter
£17.50 (150ml) and £7.50 (30ml)
This was the first L'Occitane hand cream I tried after hearing rave reviews about it. It is a very rich formulation as it contains 20% shea butter so you need very little, inbetween the size of a pea and a broad bean. It does sink in quickly but as it's that rich I prefer to use it at night as an intensive moisture boost for my hands.

Cherry Blossom
£13.00 (75ml) and £7.50 (30ml)
I don't normally go for floral fragrances but Cherry Blossom seems to have taken the beauty world by storm since it was first released in 2007 as a limited edition. Needless to say it is now a permanent fixture in the L'Occitane world and I haven to admit I get what the fuss is about. This isn't as rich as the Shea Butter formulation but this doesn't compromise on it's quality. As it's lighter I use this during the day and the scent lasts such a long time! And my hands feel moisturised for hours on end.

Fleur Cherie
£7.50 (30ml)
This is one of the most recent releases by L'Occitane and again with it being a floral scent I wasn't to sure if it would be for me. It is a neroli and orange blossom fragrance and I have to admit it is one of my favourites! As it's got orange in it, it's more of a fruity floral and I love fruity fragrances. Again it is a lighter formulation so I use it during the day and the fragrance lasts a long long time.

Coming up tomorrow.... Lavendar, Rose, Verbena and Honey and Lemon.


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I might try these, because I've heard so much about them - especially the cherry blossom!

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