Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Review - L'Occitane handcreams part 2

So this is part two of my L'Occitane handcream adventure! I have four more handcreams to review for you:

Honey and Lemon, Lavender, Rose Velvet and Verbena Cooling Handcream Gel


Honey and Lemon
Couldn't get a price for this one
I really thought I wouldn't like this one. Honey and Lemon immediately makes me think of cough medicine but no no no! It has a lovely balance of honey and lemon, not too sweet. It did take a little time to absorb and my hands were a little tacky but were left moisturised.

£13.50 (75ml) and £7.50 (30ml)
Most of us when we think of Lavender think of old ladies and a synthetic fragrance! But this handcream is different. It has a gorgeous lavender scent which is the next best thing to rubbing lavender leaves in your hands. Gorgeous.

Rose 4 Reine Velvet Hand Cream
£13.50 (75ml) and £7.50 (30ml)
This only had a slight scent of rose to it which I wasn't expecting, I thought the fragrance would be really strong. This absorbed quickly and my hands were left lovely and soft, not sure if they were velverty soft though.

Verbena Cooling Hand Cream Gel
£13.50 (75ml)
My full review on this can be found here but a quick sum up - perfect to use in the summer as it is a cooling gel so it absorbs quickly and had a gorgeous lemony scent. Probably the lightest consistency of all the hand creams.

Any repurchases?
After trying all of these there are several which I repurchase. These are the shea butter, lavender, verbena, fleur cherie and cherry blossom ones.

Also available:
Relaxing Hand Balm - £12.00 (50ml)
Organic Rameau d'Or (olive) Hand Cream - £13.50 (75ml)
Rose Jardin Delice Hand Cream Gel - £13.50 (75ml)
Rose des Neiges Hand Cream -  £7.50 (30ml)
Cherry Blossom Petal Soft - £13.50 (75ml)
Pivoine Flora - £7.50 (30ml)


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