Monday, 7 May 2012

Spending ban!

Yes you've read it right I'm going on a spending ban! As a part of my Day Zero Project I want to go on one spending ban a year but as I started Day Zero last year I missed doing a month so I'm attempting to catch up. As from today until the 4th June, which is also a Bank Holiday, I am going on a non-essential spending ban. This means I'm not going to buy any clothes, make up or random rubbish that I don't need. In fact I'm going to try to last until the end of June with the whole not buying make up, after all I did just buy quite a lot of new items to try last week. So there we have it, wish me luck! Sorry for the lack of pictures but I'm writing this on my iPad and figuring out how to add photos is too taxing for my brain at this time of night!


BeautyFul World said...

Good luck! You will be proud of yourself once it's done :) xxx

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