Saturday, 19 May 2012

Battle of the...smoky eye palette

I've been using Bourjois smoky eye palettes for a couple of years now and love them, they make creating that perfect smoky eye so easy to do but at £7.99 they are a little on the more expensive side but then MUA brought out their own version of the Bourjois palettes.

The MUA 'smoky eye' palette costs a mere £2.50 and looks practically the same to the Bourjois ones.

In fact these are so similar the only sight downside is that the MUA shadows are slightly less pigmented than the Bourjois ones but as these are a third of the price then who can complain?!?

Overall I prefer the pigmentation of the Bourjois shadows but as there is such a difference in price I would buy the MUA palettes as you could get three MUA palettes for the price of one Bourjois smoky eye palette which in my eyes makes it an out right winner.

Have you tried either of these or have you found another smoky eye palette that you'd recommend?


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