Monday, 8 November 2010

The week that was....

Apologies for posting this a little late but I’ve been really busy this week, not doing anything exciting but working so instead of telling you what I’ve been upto I’m going to do my loves and hates.


  • Swedish Dance Mafia - love love love their tunes!
  • Christmas adverts - I’m getting excited about christmas now but still can’t believe that it’s November
  • Ebay - I’ve made £177 on selling my old stuff and have listed loads more new items so hopefully I’ll make some more pennies!
  • Arranging a shopping trip to York in a few weeks. Me, my mum and our friend are going on a coach trip with the WI!!!! I’ll report back once we’ve been!


  • Swedish Dance Mafia - because their songs make me want to go out and party and dance all night long!
  • My skin - I have had a major outbreak of spots on my forehead and blackheads on my nose, thankfully they’re going now but I have no idea where they came from!
  • Cold, dark nights in alone. BF is working alot at the moment so I’m spending alot of time at home alone which is getting me down but he has to earn the pennies! In fact he’s just left for a course in Swindon so I won’t see him until friday (not all bad as he’s got a stinker of a cold! No germs for me thanks!)
  • Companies who take ages to consider your job application - I applied for 2 jobs so long ago I can’t actually remember when and they still email me saying that they are still considering my application. This doesn’t give out a good impression of the organisation
  • My internet - It’s on a mega go slow at the moment, some websites take AGES to load, nightmare!

And finally a photo....

All together now.... "Awwww"


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