Sunday, 21 November 2010

The week that was....

This week has been a long one but it's gone so quick!

I've been ill, very ill this week. If I was a man I would call it man flu! Monday I had to go home form work after 3 hours because I was deaf as my cold has congested my ears! Luckily I had tuesday off anyway so I had time to get better.

As I was off on tuesday I went to try on my bridesmaid dress and I'm pleased to say it was uber big! I don't know how much weight I've lost as I don't know how much I weigh, scales scare me so I don't own any and the tightness of the jeans is a good indicator of one too many cakes! But I'm determined to try to keep it off (the exercise bike is coming out this week again!)

When I have been at work it's been so fun! Everyone's been in a great mood so we've had a laugh and I also never thought that I'd spend part of my day sewing up my colleagues trousers after she ripped them open on a drawer. Best sewing I've ever done though and considering she was still wearing them I never pricked her with the needle!

I've had a nice long weekend off work as well which is a change. I finished work at 3.30pm on friday and had saturday, sunday and monday off! Tomorrow I'm going on a trip to York with the WI!! Me, my mum and our friend are going but I just can't decide what to wear, decisions, decisions. And I'm not going for a shopping spree, I just need to buy Chris's mum a christmas present but I'm mainly going for a day out (I sound very old saying that!)

So that's a round up of my week and I Hope you've all had a good one too!


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