Saturday, 27 November 2010

Haul - York

I went on a trip to York on Monday with my mum and our friend and I bought a few bits so thought I'd share them with you.

Zest - a discount make up store
I've seen and heard about this Sally Hansen nail polish remover finger dip thing from a few different blogs and had never seen it in the pound shop were other bloggers had bought it from but found it here and snapped it up! It was £1.99 but it's a huge pot. I also got a pot of Wet n Wild Ultimate Minerals powder foundation. This is an American brand which was sold in the UK in larger Boots stores but they don't do it anymore. This is in medium which I thought might be too dark for my skin but it actually makes me look like I have a slight tan and it gives a nice finish. This was £2.99, and even though it does contain parabens (naughty naughty) I would purchase it again if I found it in a shop.

Pound World
Ok I admit we went to the pound shops in York, but mainly because I was after these sparkly pipe cleaners but we ended up spending a fortune! Haven't photographed everything as that's abit boring but as well as the pipe cleaners I found packs of 10 cards which are great quality and nice and thick. These were in tall, square and mini card sizes.

Yes another pound shop! This plastic tableware was a great buy. A pack of 2 bowls and a pack of 3 plates for £1 a pack! They did other plates, bowls and serving platters and with santa and snowmen on. These always come in handy at christmas time.

So I had £30 on my Boots points so I thought why not spend it! York Boots isn't as big as you'd imagine and their christmas range is pretty poor when you think about other stores of the same size. But I did buy some Soap and Glory products which I'd wanted to buy: Clear Here moisturiser, Clarity Face Soap, Glad Hair shampoo and Glad Hair conditioner, and they were on 3 for 2. I also got a Burts Bees pomegranate lip balm as I love the Acai Berry one which I bought a couple of weeks ago.

Cath Kidston
I love Cath Kidston products but have never bought anything as it's a little pricey for me but I got a Blackberry a couple of months ago and hadn't got round to buying a case for it so when I saw this I had to have it! It was £12 and comes in 3 different designs but I got the red rose one. I had photographed mine but the light just wasn't playing ball so borrowed an image from the Cath Kidstone website.

Have you tried any of these products, what do you think? Or are you a secret pound shop fan like me?!?! Heehee!


Sara.H said...

lovely haul :) I am a new follow and I have to say that you have a lovely blog ^ ^

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