Saturday, 20 November 2010

Celebrity fragrances

Celebrity fragrances seem to be a recent trend and it seems that anyone who is anyone can have one but in reality the celeb fragrance trend started many years ago, in 1912 Grace Kelly even released one.

The first celebrity who made publicists dreams come true was the actress Elizabeth Taylor. She created several fragrances one of which being White Diamonds which was released in 1991.

Since Elizabeth Taylor almost every celebrity who has released a fragrance has done more than one.

Jennifer Lopez has created one of the most easily recognised and successful fragrance empires in recent times. In 2002 was the launch of Glow by J.Lo and this has been followed by numerous other fragrances, 15 in total, including one for men, which is an astonishing amount in 8 years. These include Live, Live Luxe, Deseo, Still, Miami Glow and the newest release which was Blue Glow.

Britney Spears also has one of the most successful and lucrative fragrance empires. In 2004 Curious was released and since then 8 other fragrances, that's averaging at over 1 a year (slightly less than Jennifer Lopez), have been launched. These include Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Believe and most recently Radiance.

Even Katie Price who shot to fame as a glamour model launched her first fragrance, Stunning, in 2007. Since then 2 others have joined the family.
Other fragrances.

Sean John (Puff Daddy/P.Diddy) - 8 fragrances including Unforgiveable, launched 2006.
Jade Goody - Shh... launched 2005.
Kate Moss - Kate launched 2007. Followed by 7 others.

Recent celebs jumping on the bandwagon

Avril Lavigne - Black Star launched in 2009 followed by Forbidden Rose which was launched a year later in 2010.

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas launched her debut fragrance, Outspoken, in conjunction with Avon in 2010.

Hollywood Actress Jennifer Aniston also launched her first fragrance, Lolavie, in 2010.

Peter Andre launched Unconditional in 2009 and has since launched Conditional and Mysterious Girl in 2010.

Most recently the Sugababes released a set of three fragrances, Tempt, Touch and Tease. Each fragrance has different notes so at least one should appeal to fragrance buyers (clever marketing here).

So the burning question is are you a fan of celebrity fragrances?
Personally I'm not overly fussed by them. I don't jump to try the latest arrival on the fragrance counter by some well known public figure but at the same time if I was looking for a new fragrance and I liked one which had a celeb name attached to it I wouldn't discount it which leads to....

Would you buy a celeb fragrance?
Like I said if I liked it I wouldn't immediately say no. I have to admit the only celeb fragrances I've bought are Live by Jennifer Lopez and a couple of the Harajuku Lovers collection by Gwen Stefani. I do have to admit though that I refuse point blank to buy something associated to Britney Spears, I don't know why but I just would.

So the million dollar question is who will be next?
If I'd try to write an answer I would be here all day!


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shamefully admits< i still wear unforgiveable.....

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