Sunday, 9 January 2011

The week that was....

It's been a few weeks since my last week that was post due to christmas, new year and basically me working all the time so wasn't doing anything exciting to tell you about!

I scheduled my last WTW post but on that particular sunday I was meant to be at work but the night before I wasn't feeling very well so took the last little bit of Night Nurse to help me feel better. I was awoken the next morning by my doorbell being rung and when I finally woke up I looked at my phone to discover it was 9.15am and the person ringing my door bell was my colleague and her husband who had come to pick me up! Whoops! I ran downstairs and opened the door to discover her husband stood there and I was trying my hardest to cover my modesty whilst trying to find the shop keys! Oh the shame! Nevertheless I still got to work for 9.40 so I didn't do bad!

But more recently.....

Christmas. Christmas was really good. The BF was meant to be going out xmas eve but he finished work late so didn't bother so we stayed on watching TV all night and he showed off his piano playing skill on his iphone! Christmas day was spent at my mums over-indulging and opening presents, haul can be found here. I've eaten WAY TOO MUCH the last few weeks and as a result feel completely disgusting. Not good.

New Year. This was spent alone as the BF was working but I wasn't bothered because I don't see the big deal about new years eve. And I fell asleep before midnight and was woke up be fireworks! So rock n roll aren't I?!

I haven't made any resolutions because lets face it, who actually keeps them? So instead I have a few things I want to focus on this year and I found photos (borrowed from weheartit) to visually demonstrate these!

1. Paris 

After seeing Victoria's photos form her recent visit to Paris I would actually quite like to go.
Not for all the 'love' and 'romance' rubbish just to see the sights.
The BF is half french so he could practise his lingo!

2. Reading

 I have so many books which I want to read but haven't had time lately so I plan to get off the computer and get into a book.

3. Relationships...
If you follow me on Twitter you'll know what this is about

4. Be more honest
It's ok to admit that you're not 'fine'. I must remember this.
I also think it does you more good to admit you have a problem than to bottle it up.

5. Start eating healthily
I don't do dieting, they just make you feel depressed. So I just cut down and eat more healthily. I don't own a set of scales because they are also depressing so I judge by how tight my clothes are whether or not I've lost or put on weight. 
I'm a bridesmaid at the end of April so need to loose a bit of weight before my fitting in March.
The other bridesmaid is a dancer so is like a rake, not fair :-(

6. New York
The BF has said for as long as I've know him that he wants to go to New York. I've always said no as I prefer the typical beach holiday aka Espana. 
But he's on about going with his friends to watch boxing this year which in away I hope he doesn't as I'd quite like to go with him. 
We've been together almost 5 years and I think that it's unacceptable that we've never been on holiday together. So 2012 could hopefully be the year.
2011 is going to be the year where I get my finances sorted and to start saving! Exciting!

What's your week been like? Have you got any plans for the year ahead?


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