Thursday, 13 January 2011

What I did with my Soap & Glory OOTW...

As mentioned in a previous post, here, I used my Soap and Glory OOTW from Boots as a storage bag for my new beauty products which I want to use after I've used my hoard up. I thought I'd do a quick post to show what exactly is in it.

Overview of my bag

Sanctuary goodies from another OOTW
Dead Sea Source products

Soap & Glory products:
Glad Hair Day shampoo x2
Glad Hair Day conditioner
iFoam shower gel
Butter Deluxe body butter
Heel genius foot cream
Scrub your nose in it x2
Hand Food

More Soap & Glory:
Clean Mary (mini)
Catch a Wrinkle (mini)
Flake Away scrub
Breakfast Scrub
Off Your Face wipes x3
Girligo moisturising body mist (mini)
Fab Pore mask x2
Hand Food (1 full size & 1 mini)
Clarity face soap
Clear Here moisturiser
Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss

Naked shine shampoo
Naked Detox shampoo and conditioner
Naked Sensitive shampoo and conditioner
Naked Coco de Mer body wash
Lee Stafford grow faster mask
Lee Stafford big fat texturised hair spray
Sally Hansen kwick off nail polish remover
Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs

I'm excited to used all of these but as my challenge of my product use up post said I'm going to use up all of my 'old' products before I'm going to start on these. It's a little incentive for myself!

Did you manage to get one of these Soap & Glory bags? What are you using it for?


Jess said...

I got one of these and it is currently full of clothes that I want to sell in a future blog sale, I would love to put it to better use though.


Karla said...

It's really handy as it's so sturdy and I love that it has handles which makes it easy to move and shift about x

Your style is your signature said...

So I am not the only soapaholic ! I have a basket for them and put them altogether to find when I need :)

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