Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Review - Veet pre-epilation spray

Veet pre-epliation spray is one of those products you buy with scepticism - "is it just a gimick? Will it actually work?" 

I found this nestled at the end of a shelf housing epilators in the electrical section of Boots. It was £5.99 for a 40ml bottle which does seem quite pricey.

The spray is clear which has a menthol scent and it aims to reduce the sensation of hair removal using an epilator. You simply spray it on to the area you wish to epilate, leave for 2-3 mins and then epilate.

It sounds like such a simple idea but it does definitely reduce the plucking sensation. Just remember not to get it on your fingers and then touch you eyes (menthol and eyes don't mix kids!)

I would recommend this to anyone regardless of whether you're an epilating newbie or a seasoned pro. As you've guessed I would buy this again but this bottle should last me for ages as I don't feel the need to use it everytime I epilate, just when I haven't done it for a while and the sensation increases.

Have you used this or do you think this will be your epilating saviour?


Silverstargirl said...

Thankss for sharing ur experience.
i will defo buy this

Karla said...

@ silverstargirl - No problems hun. It's a hidden little gem!

Peacock Princess said...

Just came across your website as I'm looking for a cheap epilator for my think forest of body hair. I hope they sell this in Australia! Thanks for your reviews :)

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