Sunday, 23 January 2011

The week that was....

Jobs applied for: 10
Km cycled: 25 or 15 miles

Wowza! Another week gone, January really is flying by!

On Monday I woke to find I had 100 followers on my blog so thank you to everyone who is following me! Currently this is at 106! A celebratory blog giveaway will be posted very soon!

Also when I woke on Monday I discovered my internet router had broke. I'd had problems with it for a while so my internet provider sent me a new one ages ago but my old one started working again so they said not to bother with the new one. Luckily I'd kept it so I plugged it in and thankfully it worked! But I had problems connecting my laptop to it and my Blackberry which was a NIGHTMARE! I managed to get it working but now my BB isn't connecting to my WIFI and connecting to mobile internet either doesn't happen or its so slow. A trip to the Orange shop will be happening on Monday.

I also found some more jobs to apply for, 10 in total, so fingers crossed! Surely the laws of physics mean I must get at least 1 interview...?!?!?

And I finally got round to telling the BF about possibly going back to uni and I had an incling that it wouldn't go down too well and I can announce that it went down like a lead balloon. And it didn't get better when I said that I would probably have to give up work. I love having a BF who is just so supportive.

I also finally got round to transferring my BF's iTunes off the laptop onto the main computer and decided to sort through mine and create a workout playlist for my cycling. I do put my bike in front of the TV but even that is boring so thought having some dance music on whilst watching the TV would help and surprisingly it really does. I was even feeling adventurous and did 10k! Or 6 miles if like me you're old school! So this week iI've done 25k (15 miles) which I feel quite proud of and I'll do my hardest to keep it up!

Hope you all had a good week! And a little word of encouragement.....

(Images borrowed from wehearit)


Steph said...

Good luck with the job interviews. Just keep positive! :) x

SweetLikeJelly said...

I'm job hunting too and it really is so depressing. Good for you for deciding to go back to uni- thats great!

Karla said...

@Steph - Thanks hun! Fingers crossed I'll get one! x

@SweetLikeJelly - I couldn't agree more, job hunting is really depressing. If I go back to uni it won't be until September 2012 so I've quite a while to get used to the idea of 'student life' again! x

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