Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Review - Philips Satin Perfect HP6572 epilator

Next in my hair removal mini series is epilating.

I bought my first epilator 4 years ago and until recently it was working fine but then it started to loose it's charge so I thought that maybe it was time to upgrade and get a new one.

Epilators have heads of tweezers which rotate round very fast and pluck hairs out of the skin which results in a longer lasting and smoother hair removal and they come in many different shapes and sizes: rechargeable, mains powered, 20 tweezers, 40 tweezers, wet and dry. My original was a rechargeable with 20 tweezers which is great for a beginner but I wanted a 40 tweezer one so I opted for the Philips HP6572.

I bought this just before christmas as a little treat for myself and have only just used it enough to write a review on it.

It's a handy shape which makes it easy to grip whilst using it.

It also came with a few different heads depending on which part of your body you want to use it on, I just use it on my legs so don't bother using any of these. Oh and a handy little storage bag and cleaning brush.

My first thoughts on it was that it's immensely noisy. It just sounds so mechanical. It also hurt. Alot. This could be because it has 40 tweezers and not 20 which I'm used to but like always the more you use it the less you notice it. But in the mean time I have found a wonder product which helps with the pain and discomfort (post coming up next). It's also quick to use and it has a handy light which helps you to spy the tiny little hairs which would normally get away so you can get a more precise 'shave'.

I would recommend this product but only if you're used to epilating already. If you're a newbie to epilation I would suggest starting with a 20 tweezer epilator and maybe a wet and dry one as using it in the shower will reduce the plucking sensation.

Are you a fan of epilation or are you thinking of giving it a go?

Oh this is also £79.99 and available from Boots and Argos.


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