Friday, 26 March 2010

Review - Mineral foundation

So recently there has been a boom in mineral foundations with almost every make up brand having one.

Firstly I tried Bourjois Mineral Matte foundation mousse which comes with a little brush (not shown in photo) for application. I've been using this on and off for the last 1-2 months and have so far been very impressed. It goes on smooth and with the brush it is easy to apply. As I'm one of those people who is guilty of often having a 'tide mark' as my mum would say (thats a foundation line to you and me) I found that that didn't happen with this product. Overall I was very impressed with it especially as this was the first Bourjois foundation that I had tried.

Secondly I tried No 7 Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation which was brand new out this week. As I normally use No 7 foundation I didn't have any doubts that I wouldn't like this product. I've only used this twice and apply it using a foundation brush but so far so good! It's not as heavy as the Bourjois one but this could be because of this being a liquid whereas the other was a mousse and it got the seal of approval from my mother who said that my skin looked nice!

Verdict: After trying them both I would recommend mineral foundation and out of the two I've tried I would recommend No 7 Essentially Natural Mineral Foundation.


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