Thursday, 25 March 2010

Review - Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish

Right my first review.......having recently just moved house and having to pack all my toiletries, make up etc away I discovered that 1. I have way tooo much/many and 2. I have like a million nail varnishes and hardly ever use them.

With discovery number 2 in mind I decided that my (late) new years resolution should be to wear nail varnish at least once a week like I used to (I had a job where I couldn't wear any due to health and hygiene and haven't got into the habit of wearing it again). So whilst browsing in Boots my friends said that the new shade of Rimmel polish, Purple Reign, was defiantly a 'Karla colour' so obviously I had to buy it (and 2 others as they are on 3 for 2!)

As soon as I got home I painted it on using Nails Inc A&E as a base and top coat.

Overall I'm impressed with the coverage, 2 coats gives an even colour and it is also irridescent rather than being just a block purple colour. It also dried quickly, not sure on the 60 seconds though as didn't time it! Will give it the ultimate durability test at work tomorrow before trying another new colour tomorrow night!


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