Sunday, 28 March 2010

Benefit and flake promotion - 1 million lipsticks to be won

After hearing about the promotion being run by Cadbury and Benefit to win 1 million Benefit lipsticks I had to run out and buy a multipack of flakes, which isn't good as I'm trying to loose weight because I'm a bridesmaid next year. So after going to Tesco's specifically to buy some Flakes I had paid and was almost out the door with a trolley full of shopping and then thought "Oh my god I haven't got my Flakes!" So leaving my trolley with my mum I dashed back to buy a 9 pack which was about £2.90 (can't quite remember) and looked forward to seeing if I had won.

So that was now 6 days ago and after me and my other half had munched our way through the pack and only being able to enter 2 codes a day I thought that I must be out of luck as so far no lipstick but on my last code that I entered my luck changed and I WON!! Whooo!

So one la la land lipstick should be arriving through my letter box in 28 days! But now after one win I'm thinking should I buy another pack or should I cut my loses and be happy with one win? Hmmm, decisions, decisions?

Has anyone else taken part in this promotion and how have you done?

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Sprinkleofglitter said...

Oooh welldone!
I defo say buy more but that's because I'm a chocoholic! hahaha xxxxxxx

Pyxiee said...

Oh well done! We've (bf and I) have tried 4 so far and no luck but I have another one left! I can't wait to see which one you get =) xx

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