Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday Wishlist 20 - New Look

Rabbit sweater - £14.99
Skull print top - £9.99

Green jeans - £16.99
Monochrome dress - £22.99

Ruby's Closet dress - £39.00
Belted skater dress -  £14.99

Bird print scarf - £2.99
Lace skirt - £24.99

All are available from New Look


Anonymous said...

I really like skull print tops too! I also want a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie from the Disney store!

Emmas Channel said...

Oh my good gorgeousness. The rabbit top and te skull top. The monochrome dress and the closet dress and the other dress and..

I think we've got very similar interests. I must hunt down that rabbit top though and the dresses...

Karla said...

@Annabella - I love skull prints at the moment x

@Emma Channel - Haha we obviously have the same fashion sense! x

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