Friday, 9 September 2011

Magazine content

I don't normally buy glossy magazines, I normally stick to my Closer mag every week, but when there are great freebies when you buy a magazine I relent and buy them. I've had four magazines for a while now and only got round to reading them last week but was shocked to find how many adverts they contain.

I had InStyle (July), Red, Elle and Marie Clare (all September).

So how many pages of adverts did they contain? I've tried to show this by putting a post it note in to divide the magazine. Pages to the top of the post it note are all the adverts and actual content is below.

Marie Clare - 111 pages of adverts
Elle - 197 pages of adverts

Red -92 pages of adverts
InStyle - 73 pages of adverts

In Marie Clare, Elle and Red almost half of the magazine is adverts, worth paying £3.50+ for? Erm I'm not sure it is.

And whilst counting the pages I was somewhat amused at the advert which were in them. These include: Continental tyres, Abu Dhabi, Pink Lady apples, Lloyds TSB, Finish dishwasher tablets, Aptamil baby milk and Fiat 500 (designed by Gucci, of course!)

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that there was a mix of mass and premium make-up brand adverts: Rimmel and Barry M and then Lancome, Estee Lauder and Chanel. But the premium brands adverts were placed slap bang at the front of the magazine rather than half way through like the mass brand products.

Oh and another thing I noticed, in Elle there were a whole 33 pages of adverts before the contents page and another 31 pages of adverts before the Editors letter!

Have you noticed how much advert content there is in your monthly magazines?


Anonymous said...

This is why I've stopped buying magazines because they never actually have anything in them. I will pick Closer now and again because it's pure trash but mags like Elle and Vogue are like a phone book of adverts. No thanks!

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